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March 21, 2007

By this time the basic elements of a web page have created. I hear though, that people are interested in the legacy that Herrera Bros has had on California. We will later add a page dedicated to this subject. People also want to know about the origin of Herrera Bros. We will also in depth tell this because Herrera Bros is rich in traditon that we must share with all of you people

Ya para este tiempo todos los elementos de una pagina basica se an creado. Hay personas que estan interesados en la legenda de Herrera Bros y del impacto que nuestra compania tiene en California. Yo despues voy a hacer una pagina dedicado a esto. Personas tambien quieren saber el origan de Herrera Bros. Despues en detalles voy tambien compartir esto con todos ustedes.

~~~~Nancy Herrera~~~~

2007-03-22 03:39:09 GMT
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Herrera Bros
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